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Casa Innovacion was tasked to improve overall engagement with the Showfields’ own brand, as well as associated brands that are exhibited at their locations both in store and online. Casa’s goal was to augment conversions from digital and physical spheres for both sales and engagement. Casa was an integral part of Showfields’ turnaround by specifically targeting audiences, improving customer experience and sales. Casa was able to improve walk-in traffic by >7.75% from Q4 2021 to Q4 2022, exceeding even their best holiday months from the company’s inception.

Key highlights include:

Brand positioning – Casa engaged in a journey to reinvigorate the Showfields brand, streamlining their brand position and tone across all platforms. Casa engaged in a creative campaign that included store design, layout, streamlined brand selections & a redesign of marketing collateral and digital assets. Through tailored event and media strategies, Casa was able to build Showfields’ subscriber list from ~10k to over 70k during a 12 month period.

Digital Marketing – Casa was able to vastly improve engagement over email marketing efforts and
newsletters. Prior to Casa’s involvement, click through rates for emails stood at 2%, open rates stood at 8.5%. Over the course of a year, to Q3 2022, Casa brought up click through rates to exceed 35%, well above the industry average. CTOR also improved significantly by >50% during this period. These improvements are attributed to a tailored approach of the tone and positioning of copy, as well as a complete artistic redesign of emails and invites by Casa’s digital team.

Strategic Partnerships – Casa was able to provide key partnerships that exceptionally fit within Showfields’ brand guidelines.

These included fixed brand presence as well as activations with brands including: American Express, Wilson, Sugarfina, Bloom Nutrition, Frame Fitness, Hendricks Gin, Hudson Whiskey, Hiatus Tequila. Private Membership club partnerships included: Norwood, Spring Place and Zero Bond.

Casa developed Concierge strategies with local hotels including: The Bowery Hotel, The Edition, Indigo Hotels, Four Seasons Downtown.

Event Marketing – Casa Innovacion was able to utilize efforts from both email and digital marketing to significantly improve attendance for events. Prior to Casa’s involvement, in Q2 2022, attendance and engagement from eventbrite was close to 0%. After Casa’s improvements, from Q1 2023, attendance has risen close to 95%. Additionally, customers who attended events and purchased products increased from <5%, to >30% during this time period.

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