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Chase Contemporary


Casa worked with Chase Contemporary – a prestigious art gallery in New York City – to provide digital marketing strategies and launch events for their emerging artists Fabiano Senk & Liu Shuishi. Over the course of 2 months, Casa was able to provide both the gallery and artists with increased visibility. This was recorded in both foot traffic and over sustained growth in digital mediums.

Casa was able to provide long term value to the gallery. On average at launch events for artists, Chase Contemporary sold 1 or fewer artworks as the attendee clientele was not well curated. During Casa’s launch events, Chase averaged a sale of >3 paintings per event, with each artwork having a value of over $200k.

Social Media – Casa Innovacion provided tailor-made social media strategies for Chase Contemporary,
creating a consistent tone and message across their posts, artists and events. Casa was tasked with content creation & social media management. Throughout these strategies, engagement on Instagram posts and stories increased by 25% during this short time. Additionally, Casa was able to increase Chase Contemporary’s following by over 1100 followers (>5% of total following) during the same period.

Event Marketing – Casa provided 2 launch events as well as event marketing and collateral for 3 total
events during the 2 month period. We were able to increase attendance by more than 100% from baseline,
with over 250 RSVPs per event curated from high net worth individuals. Importantly for the gallery, the
bespoke nature of the clientele procured by Casa meant that 10% of the attendees were collectors, whereas
on average an art opening has <5% of attendees as collectors.

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