Chase Contemporary

Overview Casa worked with Chase Contemporary – a prestigious art gallery in New York City – to provide digital marketing strategies and launch events for their emerging artists Fabiano Senk & Liu Shuishi. Over the course of 2 months, Casa was able to provide both the gallery and artists with increased visibility. This was recorded … Read more

Playboy Club

Overview Casa Innovacion worked to relaunch and reposition the iconic Playboy Club as part of the overall Playboy Corporate reinvigoration, during one of the most complex social moments of the 20th Century, the MeToo movement. We introduced the brand to a new audience of millennials while rebuilding relationships with Gen X and Baby Boomers. Key … Read more


Overview Casa Innovacion was tasked to improve overall engagement with the Showfields’ own brand, as well as associated brands that are exhibited at their locations both in store and online. Casa’s goal was to augment conversions from digital and physical spheres for both sales and engagement. Casa was an integral part of Showfields’ turnaround by … Read more